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    1. How does Roofscan work?

    Every objects emits electromagnetic radiation. The amount of radiation indicates the temperature of this object. An infrared camera makes this radiation visible, so that the temperature can be determined with great accuracy. Differences in temperature can indicate energy loss through roofs. By operating the equipment from an airplane we can get a good overview of all roofs in an entire town or city.

    2. Can you see through buildings?

    No, it is impossible to see through or inside a building using infrared camera's.

    3. Is the equipment (camera) dangerous for my health?

    No, because the equipment is passive. We only measure electromagnetic radiation as emitted by buildings and surroundings.

    4. Can you fly under all circumstances?

    Flights can only be performed under excellent weather conditions. The outside temperature can be at most 5 degrees Celsius. The roofs need to be dry. During the flight, wind must be minimal, and only clouds at certain elevations are allowed.

    5. Who performs the measurements?

    Roofscan is a product powered by Miramap, expert in earth observation.

    6. Is my right to privacy invaded?

    No, because the images are object related and not subject related.

    7. Will my heating behavior influence the measurements?

    The larger the difference between temperature indoor and outdoor, the better the image quality. Your heating behavior can indeed influence the result. We assume an indoor temperature between 17 and 21 °C and an outdoor temperature of maximum 5 °C.

    8. My heating is turned off. Can you still perform measurements?

    If the heating in a building is completely turned off, we can still perform measurements. However, enegry loss through the roof of the building will be a lot less visible.

    9. What can I do with the results?

    The images indicate how much heat loss is present through your roof. If your roof is insulated, you can see if the insulation is working well, or if there are areas that are not so well insulated. When you decide to reneovate your roof, you can concentrate on the weaker areas.

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