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    What is Roofscan?

    Roofscan inspects heat loss from houses and other buildings. Roofscan visualises rooftop energy loss using aerial thermal imagery. Temperature differences can indicate energy loss through a roof. When combined with regular aerial photography and building outlines, Roofscan gives a clear, detailed image of heat loss at an individual building level. Roofscan allows building owners to take action, thus saving energy and reducing fuel bills. Roofscan can be used by energy suppliers and also by local governments and housing corporations to prioritize building upgrades.

    Roofscan Osnabrück now online

    Roofscan Osnabrück is now accessible through an interactive on-line application from Stadt Osnabrück and Stadtwerke Osnabrück.

    How does Roofscan work?

    Roofscan uses a professional thermal infrared camera to make the level of radiation emitted by houses visible, so that temperature variations at roof level can be determined with great accuracy. By mounting the camera vertically in an airplane, thermal imagery is captured whilst flying. All the individual images combined form a thermal map of the entire surveyed city. Roofscan is best performed in the wintertime, after sunset, when the differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures result in the best image quality.

    How to use Roofscan?

    1. Create awareness with citizens and building owners to take action in saving energy
    2. Prioritize building upgrades by local governments, home owners, housing corporations and other building owners

    Roofscan Amsterdam on Dutch News Television

    What is my result?

    With Roofscan you get:
    1. Thermal aerial images combined with building outlines and a recent aerial photograph
    2. Online acces to images via your own dedicated server or our Roofscan MAPS application
    3. Information gaterings. If desired, we jointly organize information gatherings for citizens or companies in your area

    When to perform Roofscan?

    Roofscan is best performed during the heating period, when the difference between the temperature outdoors and indoors is largest.

    Roofscan MAPS

    View our recent Roofscan projects on-line in our Roofscan MAPS application.

    Other Roofscan applications

    We also deliver thermal aerial imagery for other purposes, such as:
    • Detection of (underground) warm pipes and cables, or localize high voltage cables
    • Inspect the operation of rail switch heaters
    • Count birds and other (wild) animals
    • Detect discharge of waste water

    Visit our product sites

    We scan more than just roofs. Feel free to take a look at our other products.

    How reliable is Roofscan?

    Roofscan has been developed in the Netherlands by Miramap and was first used in 2008, for the City of Nijmegen. Since then, several large projects have been succesfully performed and delivered, including Amsterdam, London and Osnabrück.

    Roofscan on Twitter

    Roofscan is a product of Miramap. Follow us here on Twitter.

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    Roofscan Osnabrück press

    Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung: "Viele Häuser in Osnabrück haben noch rote Flecken"


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